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Metal working accessories are a vital part of many industrial settings, from small maintenance workshops to massive factory facilities. Troostwijk Auctions provides a way to find quality second-hand machine accessories at an affordable price. Our machine accessories include components for the full range of metal working machinery. From machining centres and erosion machines, to presses, saws and drilling machines, you can source parts for all kinds of metal working equipment via our online auctions. Lathe owners will find a wide choice of chucks, allowing them to secure rotating workpieces with ease. There are also centre finders, turning tools and vices for all major lathe brands. We offer a variety of metal saws alongside a number of replacement components for machinery brands such as Kaltenbach, Behringer and Kasto. Whether you operate a circular saw, horizontal or vertical band saw, you can refit your equipment whenever required. The same applies to drills. Our auctions feature machine accessories for industrial radial drills, along with pillar drills and bench drills. You will also find plenty of milling machine components as well. Our machine accessories for metal working also feature light machinery, including handheld shaft polishers, small table drills and fly presses. If you require a new stock of collets for holding pieces in place, you can bid on these on our platform and obtain them for reasonable prices. From accessories for heavy-duty saws, drills and lathes to handheld light machinery, Troostwijk Auctions offers machine accessories for all metal working projects.

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