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Used Punching Machines for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Punching machines are primarily used to punch holes in metals, making them suitable for use in a wide range of manufacturing settings. Options include simple manual punch presses and more elaborate CNC machining units, which themselves can come in single head and tool rail versions. Buyers will find a broad choice of punching machines for sale in Troostwijk's used equipment auctions. Most punching machines come with machining beds, brushes and rollers, enabling users to feed sheet metal into the unit. There will also be options for all kinds of metal working, whether users need to work on stainless steel, aluminium or zinc alloys. Some are purely intended for flat metal working, although units are also available for 3D forming, including pressing screws, containers and casings for automotive or aviation parts. Users can also pick punching machines with CAD compatibility, giving them the opportunity to link advanced design software with precision metal punching operations. Machining thicknesses, weights and table sizes vary between punching machines, as do their maximum strokes per minute and punching power. It is recommended for buyers to pick a product that caters to their specific industrial operations and the materials they work with. Many punching machines available in our auctions also come with accessories and tools included, enabling users to customise their machinery as they desire. With a large variety of punching machines among our listings, users can find solutions to meet their project's needs on Troostwijk Auctions. Moreover, most major international punch press manufacturers are represented, including Amada, Schroeder, Peddinghaus and Geka.

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