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Used Gear Machining Equipment for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Gear machining equipment is used within the metal working sector for the cutting, forming and finishing of gear teeth. This machinery can perform a range of processes, including milling, grinding, hobbing, deburring and lapping. Professionals within this specialist field will find a wide range of sturdy used gear machining equipment at Troostwijk Auctions. Our catalogue includes gear machining equipment from some of the top brands in the sector, including Sandvik, Liebherr, Mazak and Fanuc, and new lots are added to our listings regularly. Vertical gear hobbing machinery from Liebherr, cold rolling equipment from Grob and gear grinding machines from WMW often feature among our online auctions as do CNC gear-cutting machines, offering the computerised control that's essential for the precise production of gears. We also list gear grinding machinery and milling equipment from various brands on a routine basis. The Sandvik InvoMilling range provides all the tools needed in agile gear manufacturing, including a range of standardised precision cutters and flexible gear milling controlled by specialist CAD/CAM software. This makes it easier to produce small runs and one-off gear sets at competitive prices. Buyers can source these machines second-hand from other industry professionals on the Troostwijk website. The filter options on our auction site make it easy to search for specific items, so it is quick and straightforward to find the gear machining equipment that's needed. It's also an easy matter to place bids via Trooswijk Auctions.

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