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Slurry and manure spreaders

30 lots

Used Slurry and Manure Spreaders for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Slurry and manure spreaders are essential equipment for any farmer or grower. They ensure consistent distribution of manure, compost, slurry, dung and more in fields and fix on to the rear or side of tractors. Troostwijk Auctions has a wide range of quality used slurry and manure spreaders from top brands. Sourcing second-hand equipment for use in agriculture can be practical and cost-effective for farmers looking to upgrade or update their machinery. The used slurry and manure spreaders in our listings have been tested thoroughly by the previous owner, so you can bid on equipment that's durable and meets industry demands. Our catalogue includes a broad variety of vacuum slurry tankers from brands such as Primex or Malgar, and you can also find a line of muck spreaders from manufacturers like Rolland and Marshall. Troostwijk's online auctions also feature dual spreaders, discharge spreaders, side spreaders, dribble bars or slurry booms. Alongside this, we also have used muck grabs available. Each item on our platform originates from professionals in the agriculture and growing sectors, so our auctions present sturdy equipment that has withstood the challenges of daily farm operations. Our listings also include attachments and replacement parts for manure and slurry spreaders such as chassis as well as processing gear such as slurry pumps, mixers and containers. Slurry and manure spreaders are useful tools within the crop and grass growing cycle. Securing used slurry and manure spreaders enable farmers and agriculturalists to efficiently fertilise land using an affordable solution.

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