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Used Livestock Housing Equipment for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Good-quality housing is essential for the health and growth of livestock. Whether it's a cattle shelter for young heifers or a pig pen for breeding sows, the livestock housing equipment on farms needs to offer comfort, ventilation, light, space and enough room to sleep with ease. Agricultural buyers, farmers and breeders looking to create new pens and livestock buildings on their land can source a wide range of high-quality second-hand livestock housing equipment from top manufacturers online at Troostwijk Auctions. Our online auctions present animal housing structures from manufacturers like Roundhouse, AHDB and Shield Agriculture. Professionals in the animal husbandry industry can bid on complete livestock housing fixtures, stables, headrails and cubicles for cattle, bulls, poultry, horses and sows, as well as on an extensive selection of flooring, automated feeding systems, ventilation curtains, troughs and lighting, including floodlights of various wattage. Our listings also routinely feature equipment for overwintering livestock in an existing barn, namely winter cubicles and different types of matting. Alongside this, you can also source animal care accessories such as cow brushes as well as slurry chanelling and storage solutions. The extensive range of items included on our platform means you can find replacement parts or attachments to upgrade your livestock pens or look for an entire second-hand installation at affordable prices. Brands such as Teemore Engineering, Cowcare Systems and IDS Pigs also regularly appear in our auctions, so farmers have a broad choice of top-level livestock housing equipment options to select from.

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