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Used Seeders, Planters and Sprayers for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Growing crops for agriculture involves a range of specialist machinery for preparing seedbeds, dispensing seeds and providing young plants with nutrients and protection. Troostwijk Auctions allows growers and agriculturalists the opportunity to bid on used and nearly new seeders, planters and sprayers, with differing sizes available that are capable of handling smaller strips of land or multiple rows at the same time. Among the items that regularly feature in our auctions are seed drills that help in sowing crops at accurate distances and depths, thanks to features like GPS and ground penetrating radar. Kinze and Great Plains are among the top manufacturers represented on our lists. We also have direct seeders that can disperse and implant seeds at various densities across seedbeds, including popular models like the Nordsten 1030, in addition to air seeders that can be fitted onto other farming implements. Alternatively, we offer a wide selection of hydraulically driven seed planters with features such as automatic tipping, depth control and tramline spacing. Moreover, you can find grain seeders and potato planters in two, three and four row variations, as well as spare monitors, GPS units and other planter parts. Our collection of field sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and similar equipment is extremely diverse, too. We sell trailer sprayers with capacities of as much as 3000 litres, as well as state-of-the-art self-propelled sprayers like the Pantera and the Matrot, with its 30-metre boom for wide dispersion.