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Press, bending and forming machines

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Used Press, Bending and Forming Machines for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Press, bending and forming machinery is often an essential part of metal working operations, enabling manufacturers to manipulate materials into the correct form. Troostwijk Auctions offers a comprehensive selection of second-hand machinery and equipment from the world's leading metal working brands. Our auction categories include every type of press. Options include hole punching presses, screw presses and stamping presses, as well as hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical presses. Metal working professionals can also choose from a range of press brakes, which combine bending and press functions. Brands on offer include industry leaders like Weingarten, Müller, Colgar and Schiavi, and you can expect to find both synchronised downstroke and upstroke versions. Specialists requiring pipe bending equipment will find second-hand units from manufacturers like Ercolina and Durma. They can choose CNC or NC varieties, source units with the right capacity for their workpieces and select the right form of bending mould for their industrial project. Troostwijk's auctions also feature a range of other sheet metal forming equipment. For instance, metal working professionals can purchase notching and cutting equipment, or install rolling mills to process sheet metal to the desired thickness. Additionally, both on-site and machining units are available in our press, bending and forming machines selection. Auctions include options for metal working specialists who need to replace ageing equipment, hand tools for site workers or the machinery to fit out an entire workshop from scratch.

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