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Military vehicles, rolling stock and contractors equipment

Thorn, The Netherlands

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Closing date:11 January 14:00 CET
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Start date:23 December 16:00 CET

Online auction of equipment formerly in use by the US army incl.: vehicles, containers, generators, forklift trucks, tools, etc. currently stored in Thorn, The Netherlands.

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Meers 33
6017 BD
Thorn [NL]

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Vehicles / Rolling stock (closed)Closing date starting
Tipper trucks (1)closed
Trucks (6)closed
Utility Vehicle 4WD (1)closed
4 x 4 (2)closed
Utility cars (4)closed
Cars (2)closed
Trailers (2)closed
Trailers (14)closed
Fire trucks (1)closed
Motorbikes (1)closed
Tires and rims (44)closed
Components (11)closed
Accessoires (38)closed
Logistics / Transport (closed)Closing date starting
Electric fork-lift trucks (8)closed
Fork-lift trucks diesel (5)closed
Reachtrucks (6)closed
Stackers (3)closed
Warehouse tractors (1)closed
Order pick-trucks (6)closed
Internal transport (29)closed
Pallet lifts (8)closed
Attachments (40)closed
Accessories (6)closed
Boom lifts (1)closed
Workshop (closed)Closing date starting
Workshop inventory (110)closed
Workshop Furniture (10)closed
Garage equipment (115)closed
Cranes (4)closed
Hoist and lift equipment (60)closed
Pumps (53)closed
Cleaning equipments (17)closed
Tool cabinets (7)closed
Electric motors (42)closed
Electric material (30)closed
Miscellaneous (130)closed
Garden, park & agriculture (closed)Closing date starting
Rupsladers / wielladers (2)closed
Miscellaneous (2)closed
Garden-/park machines (4)closed
Packaging (closed)Closing date starting
Paper presses (1)closed
Storage (closed)Closing date starting
Storage, shipping and transport (78)closed
Containers (20)closed
Boxes (11)closed
Building contractors equipment (closed)Closing date starting
Telescopic boom lifts (2)closed
Generators (41)closed
Compressors (8)closed
Sand blasting machines (5)closed
Heaters (9)closed
Building contractors equipment (2)closed
Metal- and woodworking (16)closed
Tools (closed)Closing date starting
Various tools (60)closed
Cilinders (17)closed
Hand tools (51)closed
Pneumatic tools (48)closed
Tools various A (89)closed
Tools various B (39)closed
Tools various C (130)closed
Tools various D (130)closed
Tools various E (130)closed
Measuring equipment (10)closed
Furniture (closed)Closing date starting
Desks (3)closed
Cabinets (4)closed
Tables and chairs (3)closed
Various furniture (5)closed
Miscellaneous (closed)Closing date starting
Lighting (99)closed
Clothing and protection (74)closed
Field equipment (101)closed
Miscellaneous (95)closed
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