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Komponenten einer Bioethanol Anlage

Components of a bio-ethanol plant

Stade, Germany

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Closing date:30 January 14:00 CET
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Start date:10 January 12:00 CET
Komponenten einer Bioethanol Anlage

Sale of a huge amount of components from the bioethanol plant of the former PROKON Nord. Dismantling will be carried out by a certified provider. Please see also the mandatory Price list for dismantling that will be uploaded soon.


Stade [DE]

Locations (1)

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Environment and energy (closed)Closing date starting
Seperator decanters (3)closed
Seperators area (12)closed
Cool compressor stations (6)closed
Destillation area (60)closed
Cooling ventilatiors (16)closed
Others (3)closed
Combinations (closed)Number of lotsClosing date
Separators (3)3closed
Seperator area (12)12closed
Cool compressor stations (6)6closed
Sterrilization area (59)59closed
Cooling ventilatiors (16)16closed
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