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Komponenten einer Bioethanol Anlage

Components of a bio-ethanol plant

Stade, Germany

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Closing date:30 January 14:00 CET
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Start date:10 January 12:00 CET
Komponenten einer Bioethanol Anlage

Sale of a huge amount of components from the bioethanol plant of the former PROKON Nord. Dismantling will be carried out by a certified provider. Please see also the mandatory Price list for dismantling that will be uploaded soon.


Stade [DE]

Locations (1)

attention, please! multiple viewing and pick-up days
the first lot closes in 664908
Environment and energyOpenNumber of bidsClosing date starting
Seperator decanters (3)330/01/'17 14:00 CET
Seperators area (12)12130/01/'17 14:00 CET
Cool compressor stations (6)630/01/'17 14:00 CET
Destillation area (60)60430/01/'17 14:00 CET
Cooling ventilatiors (16)1630/01/'17 14:00 CET
Others (3)330/01/'17 14:00 CET
CombinationsNumber of lotsNumber of bidsClosing date
Separators (3)330/01/'17 14:15 CET
Seperator area (12)1230/01/'17 14:15 CET
Cool compressor stations (6)630/01/'17 14:15 CET
Sterrilization area (59)5930/01/'17 14:15 CET
Cooling ventilatiors (16)1630/01/'17 14:15 CET
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