1. Horizontal cartoning machine

Lot 12/01/2017 13:05 GMT
Langnau / LuzernSwitzerland
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Horizontal cartoning machine; intended use: setting bags into folding box, capacity 80 pcs./min., capacity adjustable between 30 and 80 boxes/min., adjusting range/chain move min. length 140 to 260 mm, width 90 to 245 mm, height 20 to 80/90* mm, 90 mm possible if the bottom closing pocket has a maximum height of 60 mm, FS-formats/weights and bag sizes: format A) 400 gramm, 1 bag 200x145x25 mm (lxwxh), format B) 800 gramm, 2 bags 200x145x45 mm (lxwxh), format D) 1600 gramm, 4 bags 200x145x85 mm (lxwxh), with hot glue device "Robatech" type Concept B 5/2, KPC 12, not included laser device and infeed and transport out belts, dimensions/floor space required approx. 6000x2030 mm, weight 1890 kg, origin: Italy, CE available; ATTENTION: collection by appointment in approx. May 2017
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