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Equipment to sell

Why Troostwijk?

Organising an auction by Troostwijk is a logical choice because we are able to realise the best prices for you.

We realise better prices by:

  1. Our proactive marketing

    End users buyer will pay more for your assets. Our strength through our extensive marketing expertise is in our ability to attract end users to our auctions.

  1. Our unique database of buyers

    We can quickly reach a pool of prospective buyers for your assets. We have built up our database of buyers and segmented it by industry category over many years. With this we inform prospective buyers throughout the entire world to buy your assets in a relatively short period of time.

  1. Our own offices throughout Europe

    Our office network encourages more buyers to your sale by making it easier for them to deal with local people who speak their language. Troostwijk can call on their own experienced people throughout Europe, with knowledge of the language, culture and habits of the specific country. This reduces the barrier for local buyers to buy at Troostwijk and makes it possible for us to provide a more cost effective, local service to sellers. Where do you find our offices?

  1. Our website

    The sale of your assets will benefit from the high web traffic of potential buyers regularly visiting our website. Our website is well proven, high-speed, well-organised and reliable. Potential buyers can bid securely, reliably and with confidence without the risk of them giving up prematurely because of technical difficulties. The information about the assets for sale is as accurate as can be. The inventory description and photos are made by our own people. Our website has more than 600,000 unique visitors and more than 15 million page views per month.

  1. Exceptional expertise in your industry

    Our extensive market knowledge ensures you get best value for your assets. We have organised auctions in practically all industries. From metalworking to electronics and from food processing to textiles. As a result of our frequent auction sales, we have gained an extensive knowledge of the actual sales prices of machinery.

  1. We meet your deadline

    Quitting the premises on time saves you money. Our vast experience in organising auction sales enables us to devise a sale strategy to fit your clearance deadline. Experienced project managers will drive the sales and asset clearance process safely and efficiently. We do this by managing the project ourselves from beginning to end.

  1. Full service business model

    Our full service project management model releases you to concentrate on your business. Obviously we will continuously keep you updated about the progress of the project and our activities. Would you like to have more information about our sales process?

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