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Online buying, selling, leasing and the lease of rural and agricultural real estate

Online buying, selling, leasing and the lease of rural and agricultural real estate

Troostwijk Real Estate Sales and Van Lanschot Nannenga Naus Rentmeesters (VLNN) are the initiators of the two unique websites: Landelijkvastgoedonline.nl for buying and selling rural and agricultural property and Pachonline.nl to lease and for leasing agricultural and natural land.

Landelijkvastgoedonline.nl landelijk-vastgoedis an innovative online platform for the buying and selling of rural and agricultural real estate. The online sales process is supervised by a notary; it is structured, objective, transparent and safe. Landelijkvastgoedonline.nl is especially suitable for selling natural land, forest plots, farms and homes.

Pachtonline.nl pachtonlineis designed for farmers, governments and other landowners that want to lease land for a limited period, or those who have a temporary need for crop rotation on their land. The site is transparent, accessible for registered users and it offers the ability to capture lease agreements in standard contracts.

Biltstede.nl is the website of Biltstede Makelaars, an exclusive broker for estates, monuments, historic buildings and property in nature. Together with Troostwijk, Biltstede has been developing the ability of online sales to owners of exclusive property, opting for a planned, efficient and transparent sales process.

Would you like to have more information? You can read Here how the online sales works (the same rules apply for online leasing). For more information you can also contact our Rural and Agricultural property salesteam.

Troostwijk Property Sales020 - 66 66 544 Van Lanschot Nannenga Naus0348 - 74 84 00

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