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How to buy?

Pay and collect


After closure of the last lot, we close the auction. Only then it is possible to see if the lots are awarded. After closure of the auction you receive an email which informs you that the sales agreement (pro forma invoice) is placed in My purchases within MyTroostwijk.
In general you will receive this email the same day. However it is possible for it to take two working days. If you do not receive an email within the stated terms, your bid has not been accepted and the lot is not allocated to you.



After receipt of the sales agreement you need to pay the amount due immediately.
Within a maximum of 3 working days the amount needs to be transferred to the indicated bank account of Troostwijk noted on your invoice.



After receipt of payment by Troostwijk, you need to collect the goods at the date, time and place specified by Troostwijk. You can find this information in the specific terms and conditions.
Unless otherwise agreed in the specific terms and conditions, you will need to disassemble the lots yourself under the instructions of Troostwijk.

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