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Real Estate

Property to sell

Troostwijk Auctions has undertaken successful sales for many years. However, for real estate, online auctions are an efficient and transparent way to sell properties.

We attract many visitors per day to our website, through our proactive and targeted marketing campaigns. By selling your property online, you can benefit from this immense web traffic of many interested parties.

With an online sales you opt for a structured and controlled sales process. This ensures clear, predetermined, fixed selling rules and a transparent way of selling. Buyers have equal opportunities to bid on real estate within the determined sales conditions. The supervisory notary controls the sales process so that buyers and sellers can feel confident about the fairness of the sales process.

Would you like to sell a property?
How does the sales process work?

  1. Intake
  2. Select the right sales method
  3. Prepare the contract of the online sale
  4. Collect all the sales information including pictures and sales conditions. We will place all this information on our website.
  5. Implementing marketing plan
  6. Organise viewing day (s)
  7. Online bidding
  8. Consultation with seller about the allotment
  9. Notarial settlement

Would you like to know more about organising a property sale? Call us or send an email to info@troostwijkvastgoedverkoop.nl.

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