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How to buy?


If you are a registered user and logged in, the MyTroostwijk bar with a lot of extra possibilities appears on every page. MyTroostwijk is unique and designed for you to enable you to:

Follow lots

Within MyTroostwijk you can manage the lots that you are following. There are 2 options:

Tab “MyHome”
Below the text “you are following these auctions”, you will see an overview of lots that you are following of specific auctions. When you select the auction, this will direct you automatically to the list ‘follow lots’ of the specific auctions.

Tab “Follow lots”
You will see here an overview of lots that you are following, by folding out the specific auctions you are following.

The page with the lots that you are following is updated in realtime with all bid information. In case you are the highest bidder on a lot, the background of this lot will become green, in case you are outbid on this lot, it will become red. There will appear a bid button that will enable you to react quickly and bid immediately by placing the next bid.

You also have the possibility to sort the lots you are following (every 15 seconds) ordered by closing time. You need to switch on the lot sorting, with the button at the top right. This sorting enables you that the closed lots will be moved automatically to the bottom of the list. In this way you alway have an actual view of the lots that will be closing soon, without any action required.

My purchases

After closure of the auction by Troostwijk you receive an email which informs you that the sales agreement (pro forma invoice) is placed in 'My purchases' within MyTroostwijk. In general you will receive this email the same day. However it is possible for it to take two working days. In addition you will find the specific terms and conditions (containing e.g. information about payment and collection dates) of the specific auction here.

Account settings

Here you can examine your personal data and adjust it if necessary. Please take care that your data are correct and updated; as description of sales agreements and invoices are based on these data.

Adjust my interests

To examine and adjust the type of machinery and goods you are interested in, you go to 'account settings and preferences'. Then we will inform you about new auctions within your field of interest.

Results of closed auctions

You will find the results of recently closed auctions with prices in the “auction calendar”.

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