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Real Estate


Special housing

On a regular basis, Troostwijk has houses for sale, both, in urban and countryside areas. Usually these are detached houses with special character.


Are you interested in one of these houses? Please read the available information and conditions carefully and always visit on the viewing day (s) before you bid. We recommend to visit a mortgage lender or advisor prior to the sale and discuss your intention to bid. Make sure you understand all the financing possibilities in your situation. It is important that you ensure that you can finance available for the eventual purchase before you start bidding.

Buying a home is not something you do often. In order to be fully prepared, we recommend you to hire a real estate expert to help and advise you.


Are you interested in the purchase of a house? On our webpage getting started you can see how it works. For the actual supply click here.


Would you like to sell via Troostwijk Property Sales? Please go to organise online real estate sales or contact our sales team our sales team.

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