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How to buy?

Frequently asked questions

Registration and MyTroostwijk

  • Is it possible to register as a private person?
    Yes, that is possible. If you go to Register, you will be asked at the beginning whether you would like to register as a company or as a private person. Please take care to complete your company information correctly, as your invoices are based on this information.
  • Is it possible to register with a free email account (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.)?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to register with a free email account like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. You need to register with a valid email address from your internet service provider or company.
  • Why is it not possible to log in immediately?
    After you have registered yourself, you will immediately receive an automatic email with further instructions from Troostwijk. This is used to confirm your email address and to ensure that our emails are not blocked by the spam-filter of your antivirus program (you may need to change your settings to prevent this).
  • Why is my registration blocked?
    It is possible that you tried to log in with a wrong username/password combination more than 5 times. You need to follow the instructions and request a new password. It is also possible that your registration is blocked due to other reasons (e.g. changed email address, email not received, abuse of our website etc.). Please, contact our helpdesk to find out what the problem is: helpdesk@troostwijkauctions.com.

To bid for lots

  • Is there a possibility to examine the lots?
    Yes, on the opening webpage of an auction you will find the address information of the location of the goods and details of the viewing arrangements. In general, we organize at least 1 viewing day per auction. In this way interested parties can examine all the lots before the auction starts.

Pay and Collect

  • Where can I find my purchase agreement?
    After closing of all lots we process the auction. From that moment on you can find your purchase agreement in ‘My purchases’ in MyTroostwijk.
  • How can I pay?
    You payment via bank transfer is expected within 48 hrs. of the closure of the auction. Please always mention your buyer-number and the name of the auction with your payment. You can find our bank information at the first page of the auction in the document 'Specific Terms and Conditions'. Generally, cash, credit cards or cheques are not accepted unless mentioned different in the 'Specific Terms and Conditions' of the specific auction.
  • How does collection of goods work?
    On the opening webpage of an auction you will find the address information of the location and the arrangements. In general, we organize collection day(s) for each auction on which buyers are expected to collect their lots. You show your purchase agreement (pro forma invoice) at the location. After verification of your payment on site, you will receive the original invoice. Afterwards one of our people will guide you to your lots.
  • Are there any tools on site to disassemble or load my goods?
    The buyers have the responsibility to disassemble, load and transport their bought goods. In general, Troostwijk Auctions takes no responsibility for disassembly and loading unless special arrangements are mentioned different on the website. You need to take into account that no tools or lifting equipment are available on site. Details of any special arrangements for disassembly and loading are also noted in the 'Specific Terms and Conditions of the Auction' which is available as a downloadable file from the opening webpage of the Auction.
  • Is there a possibility to collect my goods on a later stage or let them be send to me?
    In general, goods cannot be send on unless there are special arrangements noted on the website. All goods must be removed from site according to the scheduled dates and times stated on the relevant sale page. By taking part in one of our auction sales you have agreed to the terms and conditions of that specific sale including any/all stated arrangements before your bidding begins. In most cases the auctions we organise require a fast completion and a speedy return of empty premises. If goods are uncollected beyond the stated clearance date then you will be liable to additional costs over and above your invoice. We have recently begun to offer an additional service to our buyers in the form of a list of external contacts known to us for the movement and forwarding of goods. Please contact the Troostwijk office that organised the auction that you purchased from fro these details.
  • Unhappy with our services?
    If you are unhappy with us, please tell us about it by sending an e-mail to info@troostwijkauctions.com. Please note that we can only answer to e-mails that state the auction name, buyer number and lot number/s and that have been sent to us within 7 days after the collection.
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