• Amsterdam, 21/02/'17 15:25:10 CET
How to buy?

Bidding via text messaging

Besides bidding via the website you can now also bid via text messaging. In order to use the text message service, you must first activate your mobile phone number in MyTroostwijk. Once activated, you can only track the lot(s) for which you are the highest bidder.

If you would like to use the text message service, click on the gray text message icon, next to the lot.MyTroostwijk-Sms-NotFollowing-EN

If you are over bid, you will receive a text message. With that message it is possible to place a new and higher bid. Instructions on bidding via the service will be provided to you in a text message, you will receive from the text message service.

The cost for the text message service is the standard rate of a text message to the Netherlands. Please note: enter your mobile phone number as follows:
+441234567 (+ country code and no leading "0")

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