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  • MACGIVER SOUND & WORKS B.V. Online auction of office inventory, hand tools, testing equipment, taster cabinet, racks, compressors, equipment, flight cases, keyboards and a motorcycle originating from ...
    Visa 225 partier
    2017-03-30 08:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • ENDLOSFORMULARE UND GRAFISCHE MASCHINEN Online auction of various endless forms, 2 "Sollas" tapping machines, labeling machines, "MBO" Z-folding tool, etc.
    Visa 13 partier
    2017-03-30 12:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • ERDMA B.V. Online auction of office inventory, promotion materials, racking and computer equipment originating from the bankruptcy of Erdma B.V. in Wierden.
    Visa 131 partier
    2017-03-30 12:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • GISLE ARNESEN METALWORKING COMPANY Online auction of heavy metalworking machinery (i.e. Schiess Froriep, Geminis, Kasto, Tos etc.), tooling, workshop inventory and swivelling cranes etc. originationg ...
    Visa 746 partier
    2017-03-30 12:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • METAALBEWERKINGSMACHINES EN GEREEDSCHAPPEN 24033 Online verkoping van draaibanken; kolomboormachines; bandzaagmachines; zetbanken; frees- en boorklemmen; compressoren; enz... i.o.v. belanghebbende
    Visa 374 partier
    2017-03-30 12:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • PLAY IT NIJVERDAL B.V. Online auction of office inventory, catering inventory, promotion materials, racking, company and passenger cars originating from the bankruptcy of Play It Nijverdal B.V. ...
    Visa 113 partier
    2017-03-30 12:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • GISLE ARNESEN METALWORKING COMPANY TENDER Online tender sale of a SKODA CNC Universal Boring and Milling center with Rotor Milling machine and a FRORIEP CNC Heavy Duty lathe originating from the ...
    Visa 2 partier
    | 30 Mar GMT
  • TUINHOUT HELLENDOORN V.O.F. Online auction of hand tools, iron fencing, trailers and catering equipment originating from the bankruptcies of Tuinhout Hellendoorn V.O.F. in Nijverdal currently stored ...
    Visa 69 partier
    2017-03-30 14:00 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT Online auction on behalf of our client of professional audio, video and light equipment .Amongst the equipment on sale we find: mixing consoles, CD and MiniDisc ...
    Visa 169 partier
    2017-03-30 14:15 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • UNICREDIT LEASING ITALY 24 Mix of different repossessed machinery behalf of UNICREDIT LEASING SPA - ITALY, for sale a.o: JCB Crawled mini-excavator mod. 8020, DURST FlatBed UV Printer, HP Indigo W6000 ...
    Visa 14 partier
    2017-03-30 15:30 GMT | 30 Mar GMT
  • SOLAR FRIDAY 13 SOLAR FRIDAY 13 - regular auction of solar panel and equipment. This weeks offer: Solar Panels, Inverter, cables and connectors. For more details please see the PDF documents on side. ...
    Visa 43 partier
    | 31 Mar GMT
  • WEGENS FAILLISSEMENTEN EN LIQUIDATIE STOCK 24127 Online sale of rolling stock, gantry crane, mobile lifting platforms, compressors, office furniture; etc... in order of guardianship and on behalf of ...
    Visa 346 partier
    | 31 Mar GMT
  • Industriële naaimachines Online auction of new and unused industrial sewing machines due to the relocation of business activities in Amsterdam.
    Visa 77 partier
    | 31 Mar GMT
  • VOORRAAD ITALIAANSE TOPWIJNEN UIT VOORMALIG RESTAURANT DAI CUGINI 24274 Online sale of approx. 6,000 bottles of Italian wine in order of Mr. Th. Bielen
    Visa 543 partier
    | 31 Mar GMT
  • LUXURY WELLNESS Online auction of wellness and bathroom furniture incl. outdoor spa's, whirlpools, steam cabins, saunas, bathroom furniture, shower, walk-in showers, shower doors, rain showers, ...
    Visa 522 partier
    | 31 Mar GMT
  • LAGEREQUIPMENT MULTIVAC Online auction of a conveyor for cartons; consisting of various roller conveyors; 2x vertical conveyors; belt conveyors; 2x switch cabinet with Siemens S/ control; 2x ...
    Visa 24 partier
    | 03 Apr GMT
  • STAAL SERVICE WIERINGERMEER - METALWORKING Online auction of Staal Service Wieringermeer incl. Safan 2,5/4 shear year of construction 2010, Safan 3/8 shear year of construction 2011, a complete coil ...
    Visa 132 partier
    | 03 Apr GMT
  • KUNST ART ATELIER Online Art auction with subjects and paintings a.o. Corneille, Herman Brood, Lonny Wing and Banksy.
    Visa 331 partier
    | 03 Apr GMT
  • EX US ARMY SURPLUS AUCTION Online auction of equipment formerly in use by the US army incl.: vehicles, containers, generators, forklift trucks, tools, etc. currently stored in Thorn, the Netherlands.
    Visa 4088 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
  • FRESH PASTA & FOOD - FALL. LA SUPREMA On block sale all unsold items from previous auction. Site delivery swept condition
    Visa 2 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
  • VEHICULES, HORECA, MEUBLES, ETC. EN PROVENANCE DE LIQUIDATION STOCK 24108 Online sale of vehicles, catering equipment, milk dispensing machine, plow, compressor, furniture, etc... on behalf of ...
    Jannee (Ciney)BE
    Visa 228 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
  • LARGE STOCK ELECTRIC TOOLS, GARDENING TOOLS, BIKE AND CAR ACCESSORIES Online auction of large stocks of power tools, gardening tools and bicycle and car accessories currently stored in Kesteren.
    Visa 2603 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
  • SANITARY HEATING PARTS, MOSAIC, ROOF LIGHTS, BATHROOMS AND STOCKS Online auction of sanitary, central heating materials, bathrooms, mosaic and stocks currently stored in Kesteren.
    Visa 1245 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
  • WOODWORKING MACHINERY Online auction of woodworking machinery on behalf of our client in Poland.
    Wadowice PL
    Visa 12 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
  • Agriculture-, horticulture and construction equipment Beesd Online auction of agricultural- earthmoving- and garden & park equipment, currently stored is Beesd.
    Visa 957 partier
    | 04 Apr GMT
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