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Grafika in papir
Grafika in papirGrafika in papirGrafika in papirGrafika in papir

Sales Grafika in papir

At Troostwijk Auctions you find online auctions from the graphical and paper industry. We offer paper mills, pre press, printing, converting and finishing equipment. You can place a bid on our website.
You first have to register. After that you can start bidding immediately. We offer secondhand or used paper production machines, flexographic, lithographic and rotogravure printing and folding machines. We also sell dtp equipment, guillotines, slitting and sheeting binding, finishing and post room machines at our online auctions. Everything included in the graphical and paper industry will be sold to an international audience.

Predstavljeni predmeti

Printer€ 900,002 days to go
Trendsetter€ 6.600,002 days to go
Offset printing machine
Offset printing machine€ 7.000,0011 days to go
Offset printing machine
Offset printing machine€ 3.000,0011 days to go
Computer to plate machine
Computer to plate machine€ 1.000,0011 days to go
 Semi-Automatic  screen printing machine
Semi-Automatic screen...€ 1.200,0011 days to go
Guillotine for paper
Guillotine for paper€ 1.000,0011 days to go
Oven for UV drying
Oven for UV drying€ 800,0011 days to go
Bidding for second hand machinery?
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