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Transport si logistica
Transport si logisticaTransport si logisticaTransport si logistica

Sales Transport si logistica

At Troostwijk Auctions you will find online auctions in the transport and logistics industry. We sell vehicles e.g. cars, vans and trucks. Also you can place a bid for forklift trucks and racking .
You first have to register. After that you can start bidding immediately. We sell secondhand and used motor vehicles, trailers and garage equipment. We also sell boats, ships, yachts and airplanes plus dockside, ports and harbour equipment, airside and airplane maintenance machinery at our online auctions. You will also find logistics equipment like conveyors. Everything included in transport and logistics will be sold to an international audience

Loturi recomandate

personenauto€ 8.000,003 days to go
lpg vorkheftruck
lpg vorkheftruck€ 2.500,005 days to go
verhoogde bedrijfswagen
verhoogde bedrijfswagen€ 5.900,0010 days to go
wrap around case/tray packer
wrap around case/tray...€ 25.000,0011 days to go
garbage truck
garbage truck€ 7.500,0011 days to go
car€ 3.500,0012 days to go
car€ 3.950,0012 days to go
fire truck
fire truck€ 8.400,0012 days to go
Bidding for second hand machinery?
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