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Cheops MINI KEG 4.1 Bottling Line 2014

Iasi, RO

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Semiautomatic second-hand bottling line with four 5L KEG dosing heads CHEOPS Czech Republic. It has a Comac Cal Flow33 flowmeter. It's a single module and is functional. Pump inverter has a 0 -10 Volts variation and START/STOP output. Powered at 220V. The controls are operated via Touchscreen. The frame construction, electrical panel, and equipment are made of stainless steel approved for the food industry. Filling is carried out sequentially, one 5L keg at a time, from filling head number 1 to 4. It has three working positions: filling, semi-automatic capping, and air blowing to remove any possible beer foam from the keg. Controls for these three positions are operated with both hands for occupational safety through capacitive sensors. The system is designed to be connected to the beneficiary's CIP. The software part for CIP needs to be done. The filling heads are equipped with dummies for CIP cleaning. The pneumatic hoses are new, replacing the old ones. The touchscreen is new, brand Weintek Labs., Inc., model MT8071iT. New PLC brand FATEK. The pneumatic control part is SMC.
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Iasi, RO
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