Aeonmed - VG70 - Ventilator and Life Support System - 2020

Oradea, RO

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Condition packed, never used; Goods are packed in 2 boxes. Dimensions 810 x 700 x 1150 mm and 640 x 540 x 940; ICU Ventilator, Ventilatory modes include: VCV(A/C) PCV(A/C) PRVC SIMV(VCV)+PSV, SIMV(PCV)+PSV SIMV(PRVC)+PSV SPONT/CPAP+PSV, BIVENT+PSV NIV/CPAP NIV-T NIV-S/T; Autoclavable, metal-based heated exhalation valve consisting of an integrated flow sensor design (without consumables). It is an electronically driven and controlled turbine. Detachable 12" TFT LCD touchscreen. Suitable for infants, pediatrics and adults. Invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Functions include apnea ventilation, intelligent suction, manual breathing , Inspiration/Expiration Hold function, ETCO2 measurement, nebulization, waveform freeze. It also has optimal patient-ventilator synchronization which increases patient comfort. Complete monitoring of lung mechanics. Volume 20ml minimum current in VCV mode. It has a 72 hour trend with 30 seconds resolution. Tube compensation and leakage compensation and automatic circuit compliance compensation. Compact design, a built-in battery capable of operating a ventilator for 2 hours. Improved ventilation system software, with available USB port. More details you can find in the PDF. Pictures are for info. Goods will be delivered from stock.
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Oradea, RO
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