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At Troostwijk Auctions you find online auctions in the food processing industry. We offer complete lines, packaging machinery, processing and filling machines for sale. You can bid on our website.
You first have to register. After that you can start bidding immediately. The goods offered include secondhand or used mixers, sorting and grading machines, cutters, washers, cold stores, refrigeration and chilling plants. We also sell ovens, cookers, tanks, vessels, pumps and silos together with catering and canteen equipment at our online auctions. Everything included in the food processing industry will be sold to an international audience.

Featured lots

rvs hoogrendement bakwand
rvs hoogrendement bakwand€ 1 850,006 days to go
electric combi steamer
electric combi steamer€ 2 750,006 days to go
vario cooking center
vario cooking center€ 4 000,006 days to go
rvs dubbeldeurs vrieskast
rvs dubbeldeurs vrieskast€ 1 850,006 days to go
pannenkoeken carrousel
pannenkoeken carrousel€ 2 250,006 days to go
rvs 2-deurs vrieskast
rvs 2-deurs vrieskast€ 500,007 days to go
sinaasappel pers machine
sinaasappel pers machine€ 500,007 days to go
bake off oven
bake off oven€ 400,007 days to go
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