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Muovi ja kumiMuovi ja kumiMuovi ja kumiMuovi ja kumi

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At Troostwijk Auctions you will find online auctions within the plastics and rubber industry. We offer injection moulding machines and extruders for sale. You can place a bid on our website.
You first have to register. After that you can start bidding immediately. We offer secondhand or used plastic processing machines including blow moulding machines, film blowing, granulating and polymer recycling machines. We also sell rubber equipment like rubber mills, compression moulding machines and vulcanising presses for producing tyres in our online auctions. Everything included in the plastics and rubber industry will be sold to an international audience.

Esitetyt erät

poedercoat (patronen)nafilterunit
poedercoat...€ 3 750,007 days to go
6-voudige poedercoat-pistolen besturingskast
6-voudige...€ 1 250,007 days to go
RVS poedercoat cabine
RVS poedercoat cabine€ 2 000,007 days to go
poedercoat bewegingsautomaat
poedercoat...€ 750,007 days to go
mobiele poeder triltafel
mobiele poeder triltafel€ 750,007 days to go
poedercoatpistool met lade en injector/poederpomp
poedercoatpistool met...€ 150,007 days to go
poedercoat afzuigcycloon
poedercoat afzuigcycloon€ 2 000,007 days to go
chamber furnace
chamber furnace€ 2 000,007 days to go
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