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Kuluttaja tavaratKuluttaja tavaratKuluttaja tavarat

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At Troostwijk Auctions you will find online auctions of consumer goods. Amongst others we offer electrical goods, kitchens and bathrooms for sale. You can place a bid on our website.
You first have to register. After that you can start bidding immediately. We offer secondhand or used consumer goods such as kitchen and bathroom equipment, audio and video equipment, televisions and mobile phones. We also sell furniture like chairs, tables or cupboards at our online auctions. You will also find surplus goods, art and collector items in our sales. A large selection of consumer goods are sold at Troostwijk Auctions.

Esitetyt erät

loopband€ 300,003 days to go
dumbellrek€ 520,003 days to go
cable cross over fitnessapparaat
cable cross over...€ 400,003 days to go
rear delt/fly fitnessapparaat
rear delt/fly...€ 250,003 days to go
4-voudig multistation fitnessapparaat
4-voudig multistation...€ 520,003 days to go
rvs espresso koffiemachine
rvs espresso...€ 330,003 days to go
lamps€ 2 200,003 days to go
motorboot€ 6 500,0012 days to go
Bidding for second hand machinery?
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