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Unimog 427 type U1600 4x4 Commercial vehicle

Slootdorp, NL

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Please note: Viewing day and collection day by appointment only! Note: Items in different locations. We advise you to make use of the viewing day, at your own discretion. Make an appointment for this via info@sbservicetrucks.com!
Unimog 427 type U1600| - Built in 1992| - First admission 03-11-1992| - Mileage 317111| - Gear with creep and super crawl 24 gear - Wheelbase 2650 mm| - Rear linkage| - 13-pin rear plug socket | - 7-pin rear plug socket | - Pull coupling for| - Fuel diesel | - 8-speed manual | - Engine type OM366 A Turbo engine | - Power 115 KW /156HP| - Power steering | - Euro I standard | - Roof hatch| - Work lights / flashing light | - Bucket with inlay triangle | - High Air Intake | - Front and rear hydraulic connections | - Tipping cylinder body | - High exhaust | - Rear PTO | - Rear air couplings | - Catch maw towbar coupling type ROCKINGER 279FB| - Wheel Size: 14.5 x R20 | Option and accessory list Mercedes-Benz: B45 ANH. BREMSANLAGE EIN- UND ZWEILEITUNG| B71 FROSTSCHUETZER| C87 AUSPUFFROHR NACH OBEN| D50 ANBAUBESCHLAEGE HINTEN| E02 12 VOLT ANLAGE| G20 Nachschaltgetriebe mit Arbeitsgruppe| G43 KUPPLUNGSLTG. F. WANDLER, SERVOKUPL. O. ZAPFW-GETR.| G45 Doppelkupplung| G65 SCHALTPLATTE| J21 TACHOGRAF EC, 2 FAHRER (FAHRERWECHSEL)| J29 WEGDREHZAHLAUSGLEICH NACH MESSERGEBNIS| J32 MOTOR-DREHZAHLMESSER| J48 WARNLEUCHTE FUER TELESKOPZYLINDER| J53 BREMSBELAG-VERSCHLEISSANZEIGE| K13 KRAFTHYDRAULIK 3ZELLIG| K33 HECKKRAFTHEBER VERSTAERKT| K43 KIPPZYL. (AN LETZTER ZELLE MIT STECKERANSCHLUSS)| K53 HYDR.-STECKERANSCHL. HINTEN 2-FACH - ZELLE 3| K71 HYDR.-STECKERANSCHL. VORN 2-FACH - ZELLE 1| L04 UMRISSL. FUER MAX. FAHRZEUGBREITE 2400 MM| L20 RUECKFAHRSCHEINWERFER| L25 Nebelschlussleuchte| L35 LEUCHTWEITENREGELUNG| L40 BEGRENZUNGSLEUCHTEN AM STOSSFAENGER VORN| L41 ZUSATZBLINKLEUCHTEN| L45 BELEUCHTUNG FUER ARBEITSGRAETE HINTEN| M19 ANLASSSPERRE| M31 LUFTPRESSER MIT HOEHERER LEISTUNG| M65 ANSAUGKAMIN| M86 RIEMENSCHEIBE U SCHWINGUNGSDAEMPFER M KOMBI-RING| N07 MOTORZAPFWELLENANTRIEB UMSCHALTBAR| N18 Vorrüstung, für Getriebe-Nebenantrieb| N32 ZAPFWELLE HINTEN GETEILT 1 3/8, KEILWELLENPROFIL| N65 Bock für Verlagerung der Zapfwelle hinten| P17 PRITSCHE 1910/1950X1890/1900X400| Q03 AHK.,ROCK.,SELBSTT. MIT KL. MAUL HOEHENVERSTELLB.| Q45 DREIPUNKTGESTAENGE CAT. II/III| R30 Halbtiefbettfelgen 11-20 SDC| S21 DREIPUNKT-AUTOMATIK-SICHERHEITSGURTE| S35 SCHEIBENWASCHANLAGE| S48 Sliding rear wall window (both sides)| S50 BANDAGE BAG| S81 MIRROR DUMBBELL| S82 WEITWINKELSPIEGEL| S83 RAMPENSPIEGEL| X53 FABRIKSSHIELD ZUGMASCHINE/ACKERSCHLEPPER| Y46 WARNDREIECK U. WARNLEUCHTE| Y64 UNTERBODENSCHUTZ| Usage damages/traces by age and mileage.
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Slootdorp, NL
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Company seller

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Please note! This is a public auction, which means that the lots in this auction cannot be returned on the basis of the statutory right of withdrawal. In addition to online bidding, it is possible to attend the closing of the auction and place bids in front of the auctioneer in the auction room. The closing of the public auction will take place at Troostwijk Auctions, for more information please consult the specific auction conditions. The minimum age for visiting the viewing and takeaway days is 18 years old. Visitors must be able to identify themselves. There is no forklift available during the collection day. Please note! Lots are in different locations. You can see which one is where in the lot information. Pay easily with iDeal via your Troostwijk Account. It is not possible to pay in cash or by PIN. After you have won the car and the payment order / PO# order is ready in your account under 'my purchases', you have to pay for it online via the Troostwijk-Auctions website or Troostwijk-Auctions app. Make sure that all your data is correct that should be on the invoice, we cannot adjust this afterwards. The seller will send the registration codes by e-mail after the payment has been made. In this way, you can register the car online prior to the collection day via your DigiD or via a transfer point. All this to avoid waiting and to deliver the car contactless. We look forward to seeing you on collection day! You can also contact us via the email address below to coordinate the pick-up time, clearly stating your lot number. info@sbservicetrucks.com When you receive the lot, we ask you to sign for a good reception. This indicates that you have received the lot correctly and completely. Always check your lot upon receipt.

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