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Zwolle, NL

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Links 10 inches 90/90x10 2x 100/80x10 1x 100/90x10 4x 110/90x10 2x 120/90x10 1x 120/70x10 7x 130/90x10 1x 3.00x10 2x 3.50x10 8x 4.00x10 4x 11 inches 120/70x11 5x 12 inches 100/60x12 1x 110/90x12 1x 110/70x12 3x 120/70x12 5x 130/70x12 2x 4.00x12 2x 14 inches 80/80x14 1x 100/70x14 1x 100/80x14 1x 100/90x14 1x 110/80x14 2x 120/70x14 1x 120/80x14 1x 140/70x14 1x Div. 80/90x15 2x 130/90x15 1x 100/80x16 1x 3.25x17 4.10x18 2x 2.75x21 1x 130/60x13 10x 130/70x13 4x 4.10/3.50x6 6x 4.10/3.50x5 2x 3.00x8 2x Inner tubes Mobility scooter 5x 120/130/90x10 4x 2.75/3.00x10 4x 2.75/3.00x19 4x 4.00/4.50x10 7x 3.50/4.00x8 2x120/140x70 2x 2.50/2.75x10 3x 2.50x14 3x 2.75/300x16 1x Miscellaneous bicycle parts such as saddles, inner tires, lights, bells, brake pads, etc.
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Zwolle, NL
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Company seller

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The collection of the purchased goods is done as follows: After receiving your payment, the seller will contact you to make a pick-up appointment. You will then receive the exact address. The city and province where the lots are located is indicated with the lot. The minimum age for visiting the pick-up days is 18 years old. Visitors must be able to identify themselves. There is no right of withdrawal. See the Auction Terms and Conditions for more information. No viewing day will be organized for this auction. An administration fee of € 100 will be charged for each lot.

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