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Friedrichshafen, DE

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Viewing on the official viewing day or by appointment only. Disassembling and loading is the responsibility of the buyer. Dismantling must be done professionally and after approval from the seller. All lots can be picked up by appointment only. During the collection day, a forklift is available at an hourly rate. The maximum lifting capacity is 3.5 tonnes. The forklift can only be used on the ground floor. Please note that waiting times may occur. Additional information about which floor the lots are located on. (Or otherwise indicated in the description) Lot 1 - 999 ground floor Lot 1000 - 1999 1st floor Lot 2000 - 2999 2nd floor Lot 3000 - 3099 ground floor Lot 3100 - 3199 1st floor Lot 3200 - 3299 2nd floor Lot 3300 - 3399 3rd floor Lot 3400 - 3499 4th floor Lot 4000 - 4999 1st floor Lot 5000 - 5999 2nd floor

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