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Second hand racking & shelving units

In need of some organisational equipment for your warehouse? Don’t look any further. We got the right equipment with our second hand racking & shelving units.

Companies searching for complex racking and shelving arrangements in warehousing operations, specialist racking for small workshops or racks for the interior of their vehicles can source all types of rack at Troostwijk's industrial auctions.

In short, an essential tool for the professional who is in need for some organisation across their equipment.

Here at Troostwijk Auctions we are your contact for second hand racking & shelving units. We make sure these units are all of top quality.

Second hand racking and shelving

Racks and shelves come in handy for ordening your warehouse. We have a lot of lots, mainly for the warehouse organisation, to store all kinds of materials. Think about raw stocks, materials, but kindly all materials in the production process.

Troostwijk offers plenty of galvanised steel racks that can be used to store items in high humidity settings like food produce warehouses or for when you require a small, strong storage space for workshop tools

Auction of second hand racking & shelving units

At the Auction you buy second hand racking & shelving units. That doesn’t mean you buy discarded units. We put all the units through a thorough selection to make sure the used vehicles are all good for the job.

What kind of racking and shelving units do you sell at the auction?

We sell all kinds of racking and shelving, but for ease of use, we made some categories.

  • Pallet Racking
  • Storage Racking
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Shelf Rack
  • Vertical Storage Racks
  • Tyre and Wheel Racks
  • Further Racking
  • Barrel racking
How does it work?

Our auction gives you the opportunity to buy second hand racking & shelving units at the lowest industry price. Next to that, it’s really easy to place your bid, but most of all, it’s really secure.

Make an account (click here), find the right piece of equipment and place your bid. Do you want to see the material first, no problem. You can check out the sites any time to see the materials.

We at Troostwijk Auctions are proud to be your place to be for your next racking & shelving units

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