Cooling and freezing equipment

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Used Cooling and Freezing Machines for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Cold storage and freezing of food requires a range of equipment to keep food products at safe temperatures, including fridges, freezers, portable chill cabinets and chilled displays. These appliances are designed for use in restaurants, cafes, catering businesses and other commercial food preparation settings. Troostwijk Auctions has a wide variety of second-hand refrigeration machines that food industry specialists can bid on. Cooling cabinets, freezing cells and blast chillers are listed in Troostwijk's auctions. This equipment is available in a number of heights with doors or in more compact versions with drawers to accommodate various storage needs. We also offer a selection of freestanding refrigerated containers in different sizes, including portable models on casters for easy manoeuvrability. Multi-purpose food machinery such as double smoking and cooling chambers for preparing smoked fish can also be found on our platform. For retail operations, our online auctions feature many display fridges and freezers for storing food, drinks and ice cream to sell directly to the customer. The selection of options includes chest freezers with sliding or lift doors, cooling salad bar displays, cooling display cases with sliding doors and shelving and freestanding refrigerators with glass doors. Auctions are listed by individuals and companies from all over Europe. Some of the top brands featured in the auctions are Koma, Porkka, Temp-Rite, Electrolux and Atmos FoodCo. We work with a broad network of buyers and sellers in the food industry so that specialists can procure high-quality used cooling and freezing equipment quickly and easily.

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