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Used Slaughter Lines for Sale in Troostwijk Auctions

Slaughter lines are used in abattoirs and the meat processing sector and are required to offer physical separation of all clean and unclean processes. The latter refers to the barns or sheds in which livestock is held prior to slaughter and the stunning, bleeding, defurring or defeathering of animal carcasses. It is essential these unclean operations are maintained separately from the machinery that is needed for evisceration and carcass dressing of all meats. Buyers looking for clean or unclean equipment for slaughter lines will find a wide range of used machinery on the Troostwijk Auctions website. Sellers on our platform offer standalone items or complete installations that can process lamb, cattle, poultry and more. Our lists include slaughter line machines and equipment from manufacturers such as Marel, Cutting Edge, Riopel and Carnitec. Auctions on Troostwijk's platform regularly feature used drains, belts and conveyors alongside adjustable work platforms so that employees can work at the right heights. In addition, our online auctions present equipment and utensils for scalding, dehairing and washing animal carcasses as well as carcass splitting bandsaws and electrical stunning machines. We also offer supplies needed for maintaining slaughterhouse equipment alongside meat processing accessories such as meat hooks, deboning knives and bleeding shackles. Carcass chill rooms and other storage options can also be found on our site. Equipping a slaughter line in abattoirs and food processing plants with second-hand appliances can give industry professionals access to high-level products at affordable prices. It's simple to place bids on slaughter lines and other food machinery items listed among Troostwijk's auctions.

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